Frequently Asked Questions

Our team understands the industry is changing every day. With that, so are your pharmacy and patient needs. As the PHS/340B program continues to grow, more and more medications are being added to the program!

For manufacturers to be able to afford the price discount at the 340B level, they use our team to eliminate the fees of chargebacks from a traditional model.

They supply.

We distribute.

You have access to the medicine to directly improve the health of patients you serve.

Yes. We are finalizing our EDI connectivity to the main TPA’s of the industry. However, the parent organization must be registered in order for contract pharmacies to order through their TPA.

You are still able to order these products at WAC through your primary wholesaler. However, 340B pricing for certain medications will come through DCS exclusively on given products.

It doesn’t. In addition, Woodward pharmaceuticals will honor all prior accumulations made with the old NDCs to the new NDCs if purchased through DCS. For more info on this, reach out to

Yes. Additionally, our system validates all 340B IDs to ensure they are active. We also use Lexis Nexis to verify all licensing.

We can ship to all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico. You can view all of our licensing here.

We differ from a wholesaler because we do not take title of the product. Essentially, when you are buying from DCS, you are buying directly from the manufacturer at 340B price. We are simply the distribution arm for the manufacturer.

Packing slips are automatically sent to the primary contact (which include your tracking number) when your order is processed. You are also able to view your shipping status inside our portal at any time.

An invoice will be sent to the billing email of your organization (which is provided at registration). We accept ACH payments and include Net 30 terms of pay.

We offer Net 30-day terms of pay.

Once you have created your account, an assigned account executive will reach out to you. You can also reach out to us at

A Message to Our 340B Covered Entities

Direct Customer Solutions (DCS) is a strong supporter of the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program. We are committed to the efforts of 340B covered entities and their associated contract pharmacies and partners to extend scarce federal resources as far as possible to reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services to uninsured and underinsured patients.

340B covered entities are a core focus of our business. We understand your mission, the intricacies of 340B, the regulatory requirements, the importance of product access, accurate pricing and maintaining compliance. We place a high priority on customer service, and we are here to serve you. We continually strive to make your job easier and faster with less costs, so that you and your patients can benefit from the 340B program. DCS advocates for the 340B program to help ensure the programs ongoing success. We support all 340B covered entities, their business partners, the 340B Prime Vendor and the trade associations representing the interests of 340B.

Direct Customer Solutions is the new kid on the block in pharmaceutical distribution. We are not a traditional wholesaler. Instead, DCS is a third-party logistics company (3PL) that improves the quality, efficiency, and cost structure of the pharmaceutical supply chain. We are one of several other such companies in the industry today. However, the others rarely ship products to covered entities, hospitals, or pharmacies. Rather, they ship bulk products to wholesalers for redistribution to those end purchasers. Your covered entity may be receiving products today from a 3PL, but it happens behind the scenes so it may not be visible to you. 340B covered entities can benefit from the new DCS process by setting up an account on our website and directly ordering 340B products online, by phone, email or by using their TPA.

Recently, several manufacturers have announced partnerships with DCS for exclusive or limited distribution of their product(s). These manufacturers are embracing our unique ability to streamline and remove costs from their distribution process. Importantly, they also see our unique ability to provide more value for those 340B covered entities purchasing their products. These manufacturers understand the Direct Customer Solutions’ distribution process is the cutting edge of innovation in pharmaceutical distribution – innovation for them and innovation for you, their customers.

Because DCS is new to the distribution space and because of our new manufacturer partnerships, we have also received questions from covered entities about how our business operates and how we support 340B. We want you to know we fully support 340B and we fully support covered entities. Our distribution process simply creates additional value for 340B covered entities that the traditional wholesaler process can’t. It’s just the way our model works! We invite you to review our 340B FAQ’s and our 340B Learn More page to see how our new approach to distribution equals a better process, and how 340B covered entities can directly benefit by purchasing via DCS.

DCS works daily to ensure the continuing success of the 340B program. 340B is a core focus of our business too. In total, for DCS to be successful we need the 340B program be strong and vibrant. DCS simply has a more efficient distribution process than the traditional wholesale model. We invite you to review our distribution process and see if DCS is right for you and your 340B program. Please contact us if you would like more information.